Yes, I’m aware no one cares about my fantasy team except me. But I think this will be a fun exercise for anyone that plays fantasy football (Plus, these aren’t my teams…)

This trade was accepted and just processed today (Nov. 15), so both teams will have their new players for Week 11. This league scores full PPR.


The highlighted players switched teams. The screenshot above is each team today, after the trade entering Week 11.


Left Side: 7-3 | 2nd Place | 1,330.28 points scored (4th/12)
Right Side: 4-6 | 10th Place | 1,169.08 points scored (7th/12)

Left Side is going to make the playoffs. Right Side pretty much has to win out to have a shot. They are tied with two other 4-6 teams and are the lowest of the three in points scored.

Trade Analysis:

Josh Jacobs is the best player in the trade, today, November 15th. Le’Veon Bell is the best overall at his job. But for 2019, I’d rather have the Raider than the Jet…once again, today.

Le’Veon Bell should be the best player in the trade, but he just hasn’t been able to get going in the putrid Jets offense. Using a 3rd-string QB is no way to score points in the NFL, but now that Sam Darnold is back you can see a path to fantasy relevance for Le’Veon. Only time will tell…

I don’t believe in Mark Andrews very much. Baltimore uses all three TE quite a bit and my eyeballs have seen Andrews drop multiple passes. With that said, if he continues to catch touchdowns that will obviously be a win for the team on the right. (Even if he doesn’t, I’d rather have Andrews than Big Daddy Hock for the rest of the season.)

TJ Hockenson now has a backup QB in Jeff Driskel throwing him the ball, so that’s less than ideal.

I feel Golden Tate in PPR formats, so that seems like a solid add for the Right Side.

To me, it’s a pretty clear win for the team on the right. Of course, I can see the scenario where Josh Jacobs continues producing yards and TD’s and ideally some catches. Also, Le’Veon Bell struggles behind a bad offense and regression hits Mark Andrews and Golden Tate also struggles with a rookie QB and bad offense.

But, I’m going to say, when I look back at this between Week 16 and 17, the right side will be the winner.

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