Super Bowl LII Live Running Diary

6:36 Al Michaels utters “RPO” for the first time. I set the over/under for “RPO” during the broadcast at 100, and we’re off to a flying start on the Eagles first drive.

6:37 Torrey Smith providing the Pats fans with nightmare material on the opening drive.

6:43 A former Bengal scores the first points of the Super Bowl, Jake Elliot a field goal on the opening drive for the Eagles. PHI 3 – 0 NE.

6:51 Pats opening drive has them in 5-wide and then a Strong-I formation later. Brady play action gets the LBs to come forward and Gronk is wide open across the middle. Just unfair the different packages they can execute flawlessly. Just like Eagles though, they can’t finish the drive and are forced into settling for 3 points. PHI 3 – 3 NE.

6:59 Missed PAT from Elliot following a 3-play, 77-yard drive from Philly. Fireworks early, I love it! PHI 9-3 NE. 

7:01 Commercial of the game so far: Dodge RAM Vikings

7:08 Pats facing 3rd & 7 and Brady throws a dead duck wheel route to Danny 40 yards down the field. Blown coverage by the Eagles. Still have yet to see Rex Burkhead touch the field. I think that’s bad for my first touchdown scorer prop.

7:08 End of First Quarter: PHI 9 – 3 NE.

7:10 Hopper in the Tide ad! Did anyone know who that guy was before Stranger Things?? (Mrs. Hambone: “Tide probably shouldn’t be advertising right now or at least advertising, don’t eat our pods.”)

7:16 NE botches a FG and Philly with quick 3 and out. You have to make them pay there, and Eagles do nothing with a great opportunity.

7:17 Second Dilly Dilly commercial!

7:18 “85 and I wanna go home” E-Trade commercial, pretty entertaining; I have a feeling will be very under rated (maybe because no one wants to talk about their lack of retirement savings).

7:20 Brandin Cooks may be dead. Hate to see that. (Michaels mentions helmet-to-helmet contact of course when you slow it down second by second it’s a little helmet-to-helmet but there i no way to prevent that)

7:28 I wonder how many people with go to (I just did).

7:29 It’s highlighted that Malcolm Butler hasn’t played a defensive snap, only special teams.

7:30 You know what is interesting? The NFL logo in the middle of the Vikings field, they clearly cut out the Vikings logo and replace it with the NFL, I am just curious of how the hell that is possible.

7:31 Alshon Jeffery with a Willie Mays like reception. Aboslute beauty of a ball by Foles and tremendous concentration and hands by Jeffery.

7:33 Former Patriot Legarette Blount, with the bruising TD run. That was enjoyable.  Eagles miss 2-point convsersion to make it Philadelphia

7:34 Oh man Bill Hader, this has high expectations, Pringles commercial, did not expect that. Remnants of Stefon there. Amazing Mich Ultra commercial with Chris Pratt.

7:37 New England kicks a field goal to make it PHI 15 – 6 NE. You have to think the Patriots are going to make a comeback, right? This is no 28-3, but it doesn’t feel like this is a 9-point game. Only feels like they are trailing by about a field goal.

7:43 Jay Ajayi with a huge run and first down into Pats territory, but as I’m typing this that play doesn’t matter, as #30 Duron Harmon makes a ‘right place, right time’ interception and Pats take over at their own 10 yard line.

7:45 Keanu Reeves riding a motorcycle standing up is such a Keanu Reeves thing to be doing. What a weird commercial…. then Dodge Ram follows up with an inspirational Martin Luther King Jr. commercial. (Mrs. Hambone: “Maybe Dodge RAM should have stopped with the Vikings commerical.”) Agreed.

7:52 Another missed PAT, what is happening tonight?? New England 12 – 15 Philadelphia after a James White 26-yard touchdown run. What a game so far.

7:53 Kicker tackle alert! Gostkowski takes out Barner on the kick return and 2-minute warning hits as Eagles take over.

7:55 What is Persil? And better yet, “What are all of these detergent commercials?” – Mrs. Hambone brings up a very fair point.

8:03 *Eagles line up on 4th and Goal* “This could decide the game.” – Collinsworth “How could this decide the game, it’s not even halftime.” – Mrs. Hambone. I love how my girlfriend who knows about 3 names on both teams combined has more sense than a retired All-Pro WR and Emmy award winning broadcaster.

8:11 New England with some garbage time yardage there, but no points on the board. Halftime: PHI 22 – 12 NE.

8:47 GRONK SPIKE! Patriots come out and feed Gronk en route to a touchdown drive of 8 plays, 75 yards, in under 3 minutes. Gronk had 4 catches for 68 yards and the TD on the drive. That was quick. PHI 22 – 19 NE. Oh, and a PAT with no problems finally. What a weird night of Super Bowl squares.

8:59 3rd and 6, and Foles delivers to none other than Corey Clement for a DIME in the back of the end zone. 22-yard TD pass. Foles is dealing right now. Foles on 3rd down that drive: 3-for-3 for 53 yards, TD. PHI 29 – NE 19. 

9:06 We haven’t had a defensive pass interference called yet. The patented NE opponent penalty. But Eagles get a flag for defensive holding on Gronk, giving them all sorts of fits. in the second half so far.

9:08 Chris Hogan with another catch. He is at 4 rec, 98 yards. Danny Who? Also, Gisele is shown on camera for the first time. Over/under for her to appear on screen was 1.5…

And it goes over. They show Gisele following a Brady touchdown pass to who else, Hogan. Touchdown Pats. New England is shredding the Eagles in the second half. Brady with 404 yards now. 3:23 left 3Q. PHI 29 – 26 NE.

9:15 Just me or have the commercials took a big down turn since the first half?

9:17 RPO alert! Collinsworth drops it for the first time in awhile… and as I’m typing he says it again, gotta be in double digits by now right?

9:20 The girlfriend: “Sometimes I don’t understand what the announcers are saying.” Same, babe…same.

9:22 Hey Eli and Odell, maybe less dancing and more winning?

9:23 Third quarter ends and the Eagles drive stops after some trickeration fails. Jake Elliot is true from 42-yards out. PHI 32 – NE 26. 

9:29 Michaels just mentioned Burkhead is a former Bengal, and that is the closest they have been to the Super Bowl in my life time!

9:35 GRONK SPIKE! Pats take their first lead. Hard to believe that. Philly has had their chances to really put the Pats in a bad spot, but does that even exist. These guys never stop coming. PHI 32 – NE 33. 

9:37 What a great Amazon Alexa commercial. Bezos cameo and perfect celeb spots.. Gordon Ramsey, that chick from Pitch Perfect, Cardi B, and topped off with some fava beans and a nice Chianti…

9:41 Eagles offense looking desperate with Foles just heaving one up there. Huge 3rd and 6 here…

9:42 Huge play, and Pats burned a timeout trying to stop it. Ertz gave Foles a big enough window on a little slant route, making the catching falling down.

9:45 And now a 4th and 1 conversion! Wow! Zach Ertz great catch and held on taking a hit. 5 minutes left and ticking. What. A. Game.

9:48 Collinsworth just alluded to the Eagles preferring to fail the 4th down play and let New England score to go up 8 and then drive down to score and tie, rather than let them have the ball back after taking the lead… Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly what Pederson was looking for there… (I’ve gotta get the quote, will update later.)

10:01 Of course a touchdown catch ball coming loose at the goal line review it happening on the 4th quarter go ahead score. Correctly held up, in my opinion. PHI 38 – 33 NE.

Best Super Bowl ever?

10:05 Strip sack and Eagles have the ball back! Wow!!! Brady didn’t tuck that one!

10:10 Eagles only run 3 plays, but Jake the Snake Elliott with a huge FG to make it an 8-point lead. Does Brady have it in him again? PHI 41 – NE 33. 1:05 left.

10:13 4th and 10 and Danny makes the grab across the middle. Pats live to fight another down for now…

10:17 Pats resort to a hail mary and it’s tipped but falls harmlessly to the turf of U.S. Bank Stadium. #FlyEaglesFly Final Score: PHI 41 – 33 NE. Congrats to the Super Bowl LII Champion Philadelphia Eagles!



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