NFL Owners – Where did they come from?

A few years ago I dreamt of owning the Cincinnati Bengals. When asked if I could do anything in life, that’s the position I chose.

It goes back to my child hood, growing up watching them each Sunday with my father in my 81 Carl Pickens jersey. That jersey is long gone, but my passion as a Bengals fan has only grown.

More recently, I came to the realization that owning the Bengals may be a little far fetched. However my curiosity had me wondering how each NFL team owner came to be. So I simply searched google and found a Wikipedia page listing each owner and what year they took over the team, and that led me to this column. Here goes…

Arizona Cardinals – Bill Bidwill, 1972

Atlanta Falcons – Arthur Blank, 2004

Baltimore Ravens – Steve Bisciotti, 2004

Buffalo Bills – Kim & Terry Pegula, 2014

Carolina Panthers – Jerry Richardson, 1993

Chicago Bears – Virginia Halas McCaskey, 1983

Cincinnati Bengals – Mike Brown, 1991

Cleveland Browns – Jimmy Haslam, 2012

Dallas Cowboys – Jerry Jones, 1989

Denver Broncos – Pat Bowlen, 1984

Detroit Lions – Martha Ford, 2014

Green Bay Packers – Green Bay Packers, Inc., 1923

Houston  Texans – Robert C. McNair, 1999

Indianapolis Colts – Jim Irsay, 1997

Jacksonville Jaguars – Shahid Khan, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs – Clark Hunt, 2006

Los Angeles Chargers – Alex Spanos, 1984

Los Angeles Rams – Stan Kroenke, 2010

Miami Dolphins – Stephen M. Ross, 2008

Minnesota Vikings – Zygi Wilf, 2005

New England Patriots – Robert Kraft, 1994

New Orleans Saints – Tom Benson, 1985

New York Giants – John Mara & Steve Tisch, 2005

New York Jets – Robert Wood Johnson IV, 2000

Oakland Raiders – Carol & Mark Davis, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles – Jeffrey & Christina Weiss Lurie, 1994

Pittsburgh Steelers – Art Rooney II, 2017

San Francisco 49ers – Jed York, 2009

Seattle Seahawks – Paul Allen, 1997

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Bryan, Edward, and Joel Glazer; and Darcie Kassewitz, 2014

Tennessee Titans – Amy Adams Strunk, 2013

Washington – Dan Snyder, 1999



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