UFC 255 DraftKings Analysis, Picks, Prediction, and Review

About 15 minutes before lock, I entered this contest on DraftKings: MMA $700K 255 SPECIAL [$150K TO 1ST]

This is my lineup:

Quite frankly, I recognize one fighter competing in UFC 255, and that’s Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Dude is 38 years old now, and I’m probably picking against him here.

Some numbers for the contest:

My lineup highlighted green (left).
Draft % for the contest out of 35,744 lineups (right).

This contest started at 6:30pm est and it is nearly 9pm as I type this. Getting pretty bored… gonna need one of my fighters to punch someone soon or I might forget all about this.

As you can see above, my total draft percentage is over 200%. This seems bad. This is called “chalk” (picking the most popular fighters). Not ideal to win the contest. Hopefully ole Katlyn there at the bottom can score a bunch of points. Nice little leverage against the field with her only appearing in 10% of lineups (seriously…Katlyn Chookagian- what a name!).

Somehow I picked 5 of the 7 most popular fighters tonight. Seems like that could go very well or very poor with not much in between, so I’m sure I’ll finish about 17,000th out of 35,744.

Something to note after the first 3 fights: Sasha Palatnikov already won and scored 112.5 points. He fought Louis Cosce (64.5 points). So, nice to see a 34% drafted guy not scoring where he needs to early on. However, those ~3,306 entries that picked Sasha P. have a nice leg up on the field early on.

As Bruce Buffer would say…. Iiiiiiiiiiiit’s time, for one of my DraftKings picks to fight! And I can watch it! We’ll be back after the fights. Enjoy!

Edit 1 [9:09 pm]: OMG, I picked against this guy?! Prayers up for my lineup…

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