2018 NFL Week 1 Thoughts

It’s 9:06pm on Sunday night as I begin writing this, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers scored 48 points today. Raise your hand if you started the Saints defense on nearly all of your fantasy teams *raises hand sheepishly*.

Ahhh, NFL is back and, so too, is stressing over my fake teams only existent on the internet. Just looking at the scores some things stand out, the Ravens won 47-3 over Buffalo and New Orleans put up 40…but lost. In true NFL fashion, it was a very weird day. The Browns and Steelers managed to tie. The Saints gave up 48 points (If you couldn’t tell, I really expected the Bucs to not do a whole lot on offense…and they did.)

Of course there were some controversial penalties. It wouldn’t be the 2018 NFL without them.

<<insert gif of Myles Garrett penalty and Carlos Dunlap penalty>>

(I’m not sure how to add gifs into my WordPress post yet.)

As I’m typing this, Aaron Rodgers is being carted into the locker room at Lambeau Field. That sucks. Bears lead 10-0 as Deshone Kizer takes over for GB. Fun Fact: both his first and last name produce a red underline typo.

NFL Scores Week 1 2018

Expected: Minnesota, Baltimore, Jacksonville, New England, Denver, Carolina each winning.

Surprises: Tampa Bay winning, Washington dominating, Cleveland not losing, Miami/Tennessee playing for over 7 hours (granted, there were over 4 hours of weather delay).

I’d say Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season did not disappoint. My current takeaways:
Tyreek Hill is really, really good.
The Titans are in trouble if they have to play Blaine Gabbert; a lot of trouble.
Tom Brady is really good, still.
The Saints defense sucks.











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