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You may or may not care, but I am going to post links to content that I read or listen to on a regular basis. Kind of a tracking tool for myself, and, hopefully, some good content for you to take in as well.

Article: The Stoic Antidote to Frustration: Marcus Aurelius on How to Keep Your Mental Composure and Emotional Equanimity When People Let You Down


Brain Pickings is an incredible website, by Maria Popova. Highly recommend visiting, often.

Article: The Pressing Need for Everyone to Quiet Their Egos


I love this article already after 2 paragraphs. Make sure you read the conclusion! Here is a great excerpt:

excerpt from ego article

Podcast: The Bill Simmons Podcast
Description: Bill is an OG of the podcast game. His show dates all the way back to his ESPN days and he has nearly completely replaced his writing with podcasting (which kind of sucks). Guests range from athletes (KD, Kyrie, Steve Nash) to actors (Michael B. Jordan, Jason Bateman, Denzel, Matt Damon) and he has even had President Obama on previously. My favorite episode is Guess the Lines with Cousin Sal, a staple during the NFL season published after Sunday Night Football.

Podcast: The Sleeper and the Bust
Description: MLB Fantasy show. Hosts Paul Sporer and Justin Mason have some solid chemistry and provide laughs along with solid analysis. Regular guest Nick Pollack of Pitcher List is a former collegiate pitcher and provides nice back-and-forth with Sporer.

Article: Football Outsiders’ DVOA Ratings (Weekly)
Description: A solid write-up each week regarding DVOA changes and surprising ratings.

Podcast: Stanford Steve and The Bear
Description: SportsCenter producer for SVP and former Stanford Cardinal football player Steve Coughlin and Chris “The Bear” Fallica, of ESPN’s College Gameday, discuss the upcoming week in college football. They give out against the spread and over/under picks as well. It’s sports betting-focused, but also good tidbits about players, coaches, etc.  

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