Streak for the Cash – Saturday, July 3, 2021

One of my favorite games: ESPN’s Streak for the Cash. Link here:

  • Bucks vs. Hawks in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals.
    • Giannis is out and Trae Young is playing despite a bone bruise in his foot. Pretty straight forward to me based on that sentence alone.
    • Pick: Atlanta Hawks
  • Over/Under 19.5 points in the first half scored by Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday?
    • You can filter here to get first half numbers for each player, but I’m not paying $8/month or reading thorugh old game logs to count their points. With Giannis out, I’ll go with the over.
    • Pick: Over
  • Which team will advance? Ecuador or Argentina
    • I’m not picking aginst Leo Messi. I want to see him lift every major trophy he can before he hangs up his boots.
    • Pick: Argentina
  • Higher total in the 2nd half (Bucks vs. Hawks): Made Free Throws vs. Made 3-pointers or Tie?
    • I generally stay away from these becuase I just don’t have any way of predicting this, but it is interesting to see Made FT’s at over 98% picked. It’s a toss up to me.
    • Pick: Made Free Throws
  • Winner: Minnesota Lynx vs. Phoenix Mercury
    • No clue. Don’t care. The WNBA is insane.
    • Fine, I’ll pick…. Lynx
FInal two picks avaialbe Saturday, July 3, 2021
  • Winner: Orioles vs. Angels
    • Jorge Lopez vs. Alex Cobb. 27 win team vs. 40 win team. Alex Cobb is sporting a career best 20.3% K-BB% (vs. career 12.2% rate). Jorge Lopez has a career 6.00 ERA in 304 IP. He just isn’t very good.
    • Pick: Angels
  • Winner: Giants vs. D’backs
    • 51 win team vs. 23 win team. Sammy Long is starting for the Giants and I have faith in him due to Eno Sarris and Derek Van Riper talking him up on a recent Rates and Barrels podcast. Quite frankly I do not know much about Jake Faria. He has thrown 178 major league innings over the course of four seasons. He has made one start this year. It appears he has added a curveball throwing it 19% of his pitches so far (only 8 innings). His changeup and slider are each over 10% along with a fastball 55% of the time.
    • Pick: Giants (Let’s not overthink this one…)

I currently have a streak of 8, so I am going to skip picking tonight. Just enjoy some sports. Thanks for reading!

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