Buffalo Bills @ Denver Broncos – 2020 NFL Week 15 – Live Blog Drive-by-Drive

We pick up the action near the end of the 1st Quarter with this play:

  • Allen to Diggs bomb that was completed, but Diggs 1 foot out of bounds. Just impressive stuff from both of them and it won’t show up on the stat sheet.

End 1st Quarter: BUF 7 – DEN 0 — Buffalo ball own 17 yd line. 

  • Allen showing inaccuracy on 1&10 throw to Diggs. 14:14 2Q
  • BUF: 3/3 on 3rd Down so far. 3&4 own 35-yard line: 5-wide, 4-man rush pass to Diggs right at the line. Have to measure. 1st down. 
  • Cole Beasley looks like that actor from Schitt’s Creek. Kinda homeless lol.
  • Omg Diggs is so freaking good. Diving catch right side for about 15 yards. 11:37 2Q
  • BUF offense: 5 rush plays, 16 pass so far.
  • You will take the occasional inaccurate pass when he can do that: 24 yard TD run by Allen. 14 zip BILLS. 

Denver 3rd Drive: 3p, 0y, Punt… recovered fumble…. Touchdown! 7-14 2Q 6:28 left.

  • Wow… AJ Epenesa tipped at the LOS and Micah Hyde was about 1 step away from a pick 6. 
  • Then it’s 2nd & 10 and you turtle into under center handoff and get 0 yards. This is why you stink Denver. 
  • Aaaaaand 3-N-out. You’re down 14 and you gain 0 yards. Impressive. 
  • Lmao muffed punt. High school shit out here. Denver ball after the punt. 
  • Melvin Gordon is violent. And on 3rd down no less. Drug 2 dudes into the endzone with him. 
  • Gotta give him props: Drew Lock with a very well executed read-option that fooled the DE, camera man, and Mark Schlereth. 

Denver 7 – Buffalo 14 – 2Q 6:28. 

Buffalo’s 3rd drive:

  • Bad protection by RB on 3rd & 6. Singletary straight up whiffed on the blitzing LB. 3-N-out. 
  • LOL wut… Bills punter’s name is Bojorquez?? That’s fantastic. Would make a great created player name on Madden.

Denver’s 4th drive: Start: Own 5 Time: 5:17 – 2Q

  • It’s incredible really. Denver does bad on 1st down and then goes under center and runs the ball on 2nd & 10. It’s now 3rd & 8…. Wyd?? It’s Pat Shurmur right? Gtfo man.
  • Beautiful play by Tre’Davious White on the pass deflection. Not a bad throw by Lock. Could have been a little higher, but White with a fantastic jump and tip. 3-N-out!

Buffalo’s 4th drive: Start = own 41 Time: 4:15 2Q Touchdown!

  • Diggs is AMAZING! Catch, turn, stop, hes-go, and slides onto his butt and back. 2 def. Looking silly
  • Ohhhh snap! Statue of Liberty from the split backfield you love to see it— holding. Wtf man??  You gotta see this one! 
  • Wtf lol… 1st and Goal from the Denver 30 yard line… and TD after 2 plays. Fromer Packer Jake Kumerow. Just like everybody expected. 21-7 BILLS. 

Buffalo 21 – Denver 7 2Q 1:49 left

Denver’s 5th drive: Start: own 25 Time: 1:49 2Q

  • Are you kidding me with this crap? The dude was falling down and already down and just wrapped up Lock’s ankles. How is this roughing the passer. He was cut blocked… Just pillow-soft personal flag foul. That should be a 5-yard flag at most. Way after the play, refs are huddle and decide to throw a flag. Dumb. Broncos to the BUF 31yd line.
  • Lock’s first completion to a WR lol. 0:22 left in the first half. 
  • Nice pitch and catch to Noah Fant. impressive TD. 

Denver 13 – Buffalo 21 Halftime. Bills get the ball.

Buffalo 1st drive 2h Start: opp. 41 Time: 14:45 3Q 

  • OMG Allen should have thrown a pick. What a stupid, stupid decision by Josh Allen. Only rushing 3 so had ALL day .. I guess the DB had to dive for it, but, man, he got both hands on it and the ground knocked it out of his hands. Way too risky by Allen.
  • Next play is beautiful: throws into the blitz like Schlereth says. He took the snap, waited patiently, and delivered a nice touch pass to Beasley.
  • Gabriel Davis |-| this close to a TD. Caught it right at the 1 and couldn’t shake the defender. 
  • Touchdown! Josh Allen scramble for 2nd rush TD of the game. 

Buffalo 28 – Denver 13

Denver 1st drive 2h Start: own 20 Time: ???

  • Oh, my word… how Jerry Hughes got into the end zone is beyond me. Drew Lock gets sacked from behind and Tre’Davious White smacks his throwing arm. Ball loose, Jerry Hughes recovers and runs about 50 yards for a 20 yard fumble recovery TD. I have no clue how he didn’t get tackled. He made 3 guys miss! My goodness. That was some impressive ball carrying. Touchdown! BILLS fumble-six!

Buffalo 35 – Denver 13

Denver 2nd drive 2h Start: own 25 Time: 10:41 3Q

Shit I can’t keep track anymore… 

  • Buffalo stuffed on 4th and 1. Handoff up the middle but he def got past based on this replay. Never mind, the view from the sideline looks like he got stopped.
  • Denver punts the ball back shortly after the stuffing. 5:32 left in the 3rd. Still BUF 35 – DEN 13. 
  • Oh man, Josh Allen is legit. 3rd & 6 3Q ~4:00. 3 dudes about to hit him. Still delivers to Diggs. That throw was impressive. 

End of the 3rd quarter. Buffalo 38 – Denver 13. 

  • This is when I wish you could filter stats easily. We should just call this game. 4th Quarter doesn’t count. None of this crap matters. In fact, why is Josh Allen in the game. Diggs, etc. Bench everyone worthwhile. You are up 38-13…
  • Like I freaking said… how much money just changed hands due to a Devin Singletary 50-yard TD run? Stupid. … and how many fantasy analysts will read Singletary’s box score from today and think he had a good game? Garbage time stats need an asterisk! 

Final Score: Buffalo 48Denver 19

Josh Allen and the Buffalo defense were effective early and often running away with the game early in the 3rd quarter. Oh, and Stefon Diggs is pretty good, too. 

-Allen 2 pass and 2 rush TD’s.

-Buffalo defense fumble-six.

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